September 22, 2016


September 22, 2016

Today, on 22nd September, the world premiere of Jamala’s official video for 1944 is released. This is the international release of the world class singers Eurovision 2016 winning song. 1944 has generated a huge amount of international interest as well as a plethora of new fans including superstar Adele, who sent Jamala a private message congratulating her win and saying how she loved the song and Jamalas voice.

The Director and Choreographer of the video is the renowned Anatoliy Sachivko, with cameras by Nikita Kuzmenko. This is the same team that created the Jamala’s video Confused. The video was short in Bukovina Carpathians, Chernivtsy region, within three days. The location for the video, an abandoned military base “Pamir” was the location, on the top of Tomnatik mountain, 1565m above the sea level.

Watch video «1944»:



This video was the hardest to shoot to date! It was showering all the time and there was a fog so thick, that even a strong wind could not dispel it… It was also FREEZING! The day before we started shooting the sun was shining bright. Nature gave us big challenges but once we saw the finished piece it was so worth it and actually aided with the feel and atmosphere!

It took us 2 hours to climb up Tomnatik mountain, and it took even longer to descend. The cold rain was pouring on us, and we took any chance to get warm by the oven and dry our clothes. It felt like a luxury to have a nice hot meal, as we had to make our own fire up there, like prehistoric people, which the weather made close to impossible!. The lovely local people brought us some honey and herb tea. People from the whole area came to see us and what we were filming. It’s amazing that they were ok to climb up the mountain for two hours, along bad roads for photos and autographs.

The dancers were really great, nobody complained, they just kept going and danced at full force. The ordeal of rain and cold made us closer, like one tribe!


It was a pleasure to work with Anatoliy Sachivko and Nikita Kuzmenko again following the success of our last collaboration on the video “Confused”.

When Anatoliy presented his vision of the new video for 1944, we didn’t hesitate to work with them again. Sonia Soltes who created the style of the characters was a fantastic attribute! Her unique and independent styling was perfect for the project.

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